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Discover Route256’s Most Popular Fiber Optic Services

Commercial Fiber Optic Internet

Tailored for businesses demanding the utmost in high-speed, stable connectivity, our commercial fiber optic service offers unparalleled performance.

Carrier IP Transit and Transport

With our extensive network reach across North America and Europe, we ensure your data flows swiftly and securely.

Private Cloud Direct Connect

By bypassing the public internet, we offer a more reliable, faster, and secure connection to your cloud resources.


Years Of Experience

two decades of industry expertise

our experience

With two decades of industry expertise, Route256 stands as a seasoned leader

Whether it’s offering the fastest fiber optic connections for commercial entities, ensuring seamless IP transit across continents, or creating robust private cloud interconnections, our wealth of experience is the cornerstone of our reliability and excellence, making us a trusted partner for businesses and government organizations alike.

  • Diverse Service Portfolio
  • Trusted by Businesses and Governments
  • Global Reach, Local Impact


Why Companies are Choosing us

Speed and Reliability

Our state-of-the-art fiber optic internet services, which provide lightning-fast and highly reliable connectivity, essential for modern business operations.

Customized Solutions

Our ability to tailor services to meet specific needs, whether for commercial, educational, or governmental organizations, sets us apart. We listen to our clients and their unique requirements.

Proven Expertise and Trustworthy Service

Our track record of excellence and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted name in the field. Clients value our deep knowledge and consistent delivery of high-quality services.

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IP Networking For More
Than 20 Years

Our company’s journey, marked by a significant tenure under ManagedWay Company, showcases a relentless commitment to innovation and quality. Specializing in providing high-speed fiber optic internet to businesses and government entities, we have become a pivotal player in digital infrastructure, particularly in Michigan’s educational sector.

With services extending to IP transit and transport across key markets in North America and Europe, Route256 stands out for its global reach and local impact. Our dedication to tailoring solutions to each client’s unique needs, coupled with our extensive experience, makes us a trusted partner for those seeking reliable, advanced connectivity solutions.

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